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CEREC for quick dentistry

CEREC is a system which is speeding up dentistry for some dentists in Kent, turning it into a ‘while you wait’ process.  It means that you can come in to have a

Fixing broken Dentures

Anyone who has dropped their dentures can relate to that moment when their heart skipped a beat as they slipped from their hands. Dentures cost quite a bit of money and a

There is a range of orthodontic treatment

Orthodontists are a specialised, highly-skilled kind of dentist. Unlike dentists who specialise in other areas such as dental surgery, orthodontists specialise very specifically in the art of straightening your smile. There can

Dental implants; an alternative to dentures

Some people just can’t wear dentures and a bridge is often the answer. However there is an even better way of having artificial teeth. If you would prefer to have a permanent