Can i breast feed after

If you are considering getting breast implants and you also want to be a mother some day you can make your decision easier by knowing that you will be able to and be encouraged to breast feed with breast implants. There can be some difficulties associated with breast feeding though and those are usually related to periareolar incision and subglandular placement of the implant. There are many other options for incision point and placement that you can choose though. There are also some concerns with the implant leaking into the breast milk because both saline and silicone gel are indigestible.

However, both of these materials exist largely in the natural environment so most surgeons agree that there should be no total reason for mothers with a breast augmentation not to breast feed. Issues with feeding can also result if there is functional tissue damage during the surgery such as damage to the nipple, milk ducts or nerves. Most damage will occur if the implants are placed over the muscle or if the implants are very large. It is important for women with breast enlargement to consult with a breast feeding professional before they start feeding or before their child is born.

All women who plan to bear children and breast feed are strongly encouraged to discuss this with their plastic surgeon before they have their breast enlargement surgery because the surgeon can make decisions that are better for the woman as far as placement and incision site. If you decide you want breast surgery and know that you want to be a breast feeding mother one day there are ways that you can have both just talk with your healthcare providers and do the research. If the cosmetic surgeon performs other procedures such as an inverted nipple correction or other type of nipples surgery in addition to the breast enlargement surgery then this can cause problems and may not be possible to breast feed.

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