CEREC for quick dentistry

CEREC is a system which is speeding up dentistry for some dentists in Kent, turning it into a ‘while you wait’ process.  It means that you can come in to have a crown, veneer or similar procedure and walk away with it in a few hours rather than weeks.

Most of the process you go through will be the same, your teeth are prepared in the same way, once the preparation is over however, this is where CEREC comes in.  Instead of an impression being taken from your mouth and sent off to a lab, a special digital camera is used to take an image of your teeth from which a 3D model is built by a computer, which requires little from the practitioner who is carrying out your dental job.  When your dentist is satisfied that everything looks right with this new tooth the information is sent to a machine in the same building which then takes a ceramic block and creates your new tooth from it in a few minutes.

The ceramics are available in a wide range of colours which will be picked from to fit in with your other teeth.  When it’s done your dentist might add finishing touches before glazing or firing the ceramic, then fit it as normal.

Obviously this quicker technology means avoiding temporary crowns or veneers, not having to make multiple trips to the dentist and getting the results you want much sooner, but you should make sure to maintain oral hygiene to ward of problems requiring root canals which may effect fittings.

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