Fixing broken Dentures

Anyone who has dropped their dentures can relate to that moment when their heart skipped a beat as they slipped from their hands. Dentures cost quite a bit of money and a break or crack in them can become expensive to fix. Mostly for minor to mild damage, dentures can be repaired completed in a short amount time with a do-it-yourself repair kit. The do-it-yourself repair kits that are available in most drug stores and the internet. Self-repair can be a more practical solution. Most of these kits use resin that is up to the standards of the more expensive materials. A poor repair can cause the tissue to become damaged if not properly used. Always keep any of your dentures broken pieces on hand so you can place them back together again.

Most often the types of damage can vary and be as simple as a small chip or crack. These can often be obvious signs that your teeth are false and could in fact become more noticeable to others. Damage to the pink base can also cause tissue damage to your gums (which are soft) and surrounds the sensitive tissue. It’s always best for you to care for your dentures over a sink filled with water or over a soft towel. Your dentist is the most qualified person to fix such damages. They are the only person can ensure that form and function of your dentures won’t be in any way change by the damages.

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