There is a range of orthodontic treatment

Orthodontists are a specialised, highly-skilled kind of dentist. Unlike dentists who specialise in other areas such as dental surgery, orthodontists specialise very specifically in the art of straightening your smile. There can be serious consequences to crooked teeth. Despite imperfect teeth being unattractive to look at and potentially damaging to your confidence, if your teeth are seriously misaligned then it could affect your ability to eat your food and even just to bite properly. Although most orthodontic work takes place during childhood and the teenage years, more and more adults are resulting to orthodontists to fix their smiles, and the orthodontists have invented new straightening options which might be particularly attractive to adult patients.

Although for children and teenagers the most common and obvious orthodontic option might be fixed metal braces, there are invisible braces out there, primarily for adults, to reduce the impact braces might have on your confidence. Modern orthodontic technology means that your teeth can be straightened in six months or less, and with unnoticeable braces. Alternatively, removable braces such as the plastic invisalign braces may also be preferable options for adults looking to straighten their smile without spending a small fortune on cosmetic dentistry in the form of veneers. I decided on for invisalign at my dentists, and my teeth are significantly straighter now than they were before. If you’re humiliated by your smile, you might want to consider having a chat to an orthodontist about what he can do for you, and your ordinary dentist might be able to provide you with some information too.

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