Weight loss surgery

Many people are desperately trying to lose weight in order to look better and be healthier, but it does not always work. Those who are used to large portions, especially art night, and who do not have time to exercise will hardly lose a few pounds, not to mention drastic weight loss. The gastric band or lap band liposuction is one of the most efficient methods today, but it is important to know all the facts before making any moves.

Who can be a candidate for gastric band surgery?

This surgical procedure is ideal for people with body mass index over 30. In case someone is obese and is looking for long-term solution this may be the perfect one. On the other side, people who have BMI over 30 also have some health problems, such as high cholesterol or diabetes may also be candidates. In addition, many obesity related diseases does not allow gastric bypass surgery, so lap band is the best alternative.

What can gastric band surgery do for you?

During this surgical procedure, the doctor places silicone band around the upper part of the stomach, and after that the stomach can only accept an ounce of food. The gastric band surgery let the patient lose about 40% of excess weight, but these results may vary. If the patient wants, the gastric band can be removed by the time the stomach gets back to normal size.

Necessary life changes after the procedure

Getting through the surgery is not the end of the road, the post-surgical period requires drastic life style changes. However, once the patient starts losing weight, he will be motivated to go on that way and try to eat healthy food, be more active, and simply be happier. Patients are advised not to drink and eat at the same time, to do yearly check-ups, and women should avoid pregnancy for about two years.

The downsides of gastric band surgery

Just like any other surgery, this one may have some side-effects. The most common problem is vomiting because patients still cannot control themselves and they overeat. On the other hand, there may be constipation, hair loss, and some patients even have emotional problems due to different lifestyle and habits. Nevertheless, problems may be even more serious, and some of them include infections, band breakage, enlargement of the stomach pouch, bleeding and even erosion of the band.

The gastric band surgery is the safest way to resolve weight loss problems, and if patients consult real professionals, there should be no side-effects.

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