What to do after surgery.

When the surgery is all over you might have some type of change come in your life. When you are done with the surgery you will go through a recovery process and that is what you will have to be clear about. For example you will be told what you can and can not do after this surgery. This is just like many other surgeries which means you will have to wait for certain things, so that your hair transplant can be healed in great condition with no problems. You might be told that you are not allowed to put any heat on the hair until a certain time, which is something that is good because heat can damage your hair all over again. Another thing that you might be told is not to use certain products until the hair as healed dramatically. for example after you get surgery you will not be able to use chemicals this will not only burn your scalp, but it can damage your new hair as well. These are things to do after surgery and when you are able to go home. you should make a list of things not to do until your hair is healed completely. You will be able to rinse the hair as you should so that it will be a little easier to maintain, but you might want to leave it down until you are sure that you can put it up in a bun or ponytail of some sort. After surgery have your list ready and do your every day hair care like it is a chore so you will be safe and have the best flowing hair ever.

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